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About Wedding Photography: Capturing Life's Finest Moments

Few acts of personal devotion rival the drama and impact of weddings. Community gathers to agree with both bride and groom to honor the trusting commitment that changes lives forever. After the preceding year of planning the perfect event, the couple and their families want reminders of that day's joy. Before wedding photographs, couples sat for hours while their portraits were painted. Through the late 19th century, wedding photography consisted of a single portrait, created in the photographer’s studio. With WWII's end and the advent of portable cameras, photographers began photographing events as they happened materializing at weddings, uninvited, then trying to sell the photos later.

More photojournalism than portraiture, modern commercial, wedding photography tells the couple's story beginning with engagement photos, then later as they move through the wedding day's stages. Couples can choose a brief photo session, or the photographer can record the whole event, capturing intimate moments of struggling with cuff links and the bride's revealing her gown for the first time. However, a photographer gets to know the couple by discussing their expectations at a face to face meeting before the wedding. Armed with this understanding, the photographer can capture the candid, loving moments that pass between bride and groom, illustrating the day's deepest meaning, while capturing the reception antics of the wedding party and guests.

A wedding photographer hertfordshire offers both indoor and outdoor photography and can photograph the wedding party before or after the ceremony. Two photographers arrive and cover the event for eight hours Couples choose 350 of the best photos for professional editing and retouching, receive a sideshow telling their wedding day's story and a private, online gallery for friends to view. The photographer then gives the final photo package to the new couple, who can then choose images for framing or to include in a bespoke folio album, preserving them for generations to come. With gift vouchers and print packages, couples can create mementos for new family members, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Wedding photographers are special artists, so start looking for, then hire, the photographer 6 to 12 months before the ceremony. With understanding, the wedding photographer gently records the touching moments and unbridled revelry that couples will cherish and share with pride. Experienced photographers understand wedding day is both beginning and end, with all who love the couple looking backward at lives well lived and forward toward lives well loved.